• What's a Troll Cake?

    Anonymous and delicious.

    1. We take an internet comment.

    2. Make it into a cake.

    3. And then box it up and mail it to the troll who said it. The box includes a copy of their original comment.

  • So Fresh.

    Give us this day our daily Troll Cake.

  • You've Got Options.

    All orders include trackable shipping and photos of the finished Troll Cake.

    Option 1: Troll Cake

    You supply the address.

    Send us a troll comment and the address of whoever said it. We’ll turn the comment into a custom Troll Cake and mail it to their home or work.



    Option 2: Troll Cake + Detective Agency

    We track 'em down.

    Send us a troll comment. We’ll investigate, make a custom Troll Cake, and mail it to the troll's home or work.


    Not all cases will be accepted.



    Option 3: Tiny Hands Special

    Bigly satisfying.

    We'll send a Troll Cake of your preferred Trump tweet to the White House.


    Now accepting Trump's verifiable verbal troll comments.


    Move on [this offer] like a bitch!



    Option 4: Pre-Trolled Cake

    "Donkey Witch" is tough to beat.

    Pick any Troll Cake from our website or instagram. We'll recreate it and mail it (with a screengrab of the original comment) wherever you like.



  • Order a Troll Cake

    Tell us which option you'd like — we'll preheat the oven and get back to you for the specifics.

  • Da FAQ?

    Are they safe to eat? Do they taste good?

    Yes! Troll Cakes look mean but taste nice. Each cake is a dense, moist (sorry) chocolate chip brownie with whipped frosting and assorted colorful sprinkles and icing.

    Where do you ship?

    Anywhere in the USA!

    If you have a troll in NYC, ask us about in-person delivery.

    Are they safe for people with allergies?

    No. We avoid nuts but don't advise sending a Troll Cake to anyone with any kind of severe allergy.

  • Oh, hello.